Games with soul.


Red Thread Games is an independent developer and self-publisher based in downtown Oslo, Norway.

Our mission is to create games with soul — games featuring mature narratives, multicultural worlds and diverse characters, and unconventional game mechanics — across multiple genres and platforms.

So far we've made episodic adventure Dreamfall Chapters for PC/Mac/Linux, PlayStation and Xbox. We're currently working on several new titles, including Fjord Gothic psychological horror game Draugen, and Polar Punk RPG Svalbard.

We're currently 18 people (representing six different nations) in our downtown Oslo office, and we work with development partners, freelancers and studios across the world to make our games.

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You can always email us at If you need to send us something, our address is Red Thread Games AS, St Olavs plass 2, 0165 Oslo, Norway. (Sorry, we don't have a phone!)