Narrative designer

Red Thread is looking for an experienced narrative designer to join our team in Oslo, Norway. Read more about applying for a position at Red Thread Games.

Job description

You will work on an unannounced 3D adventure that blends narrative and action in an exciting new game world. Your job will be to combine story with systems and user experience, and be responsible for the player’s interactions with the narrative.

The narrative design role straddles tech and art, game systems and storytelling, writing and implementation of narrative mechanics and content — using Unity, along with in-house tools.

Your role interacts and intersects with many different areas of production, and requires a thorough understanding of story and plot, game mechanics and design. You will have prior background as narrative designer from at least one commercial game release.

Your work includes quest and world design, story mapping, narrative system design and content implementation — including dialogue trees, dungeon layouts, cutscenes, character and monster designs, lore and more.

This is a permanent position onsite in Oslo, Norway.


  • Use Unity and in-house tools to design and implement narrative gameplay content

  • Collaborate with content and system design, art and tech to bring the story to life

  • Participate in the ongoing development of tools and technology to improve narrative workflows

  • Brainstorm plots, define character arcs, write dialogue, descriptive text and lore as needed

  • Present the game both internally and externally, to press, partners and players


  • Excellent, preferably native-level, grasp of the English language — both written and spoken

  • Passion for interactive storytelling, adventure games and action-adventures

  • Multidisciplinary, agile, and eager to learn

  • Professional writing experience recommended

  • At least one shipped commercial game as narrative designer or equivalent position

  • Experience with Unity is a plus

Follow this link to read more about working at Red Thread Games, and for instructions about how to submit your application for this position.